How to enable an internal job in a full time (gif) job

Your alert is coming out late. You've been through the shower, break up a few cups of coffee, and finally drop your desk like you jumped out of the plane. Welcome to your life as an adult. It's not that bad

Except that around you, there are a dozen other interns who want to stay on this mission as bad as you do

It's almost the same as my intern. Everyone's hoping for a full-time job. So, how do you magite your chances for this to happen?

There are three alarms

It's not a joke. It's a basic clue, but it's still hard to drill people like Bruce Willis to an asteroid. You want your boss to know you're a reliable, potential employee. Be there in time. Mom always said fifteen minutes means you're on time. Make it a golden rule now

Watch your P and Q

Mark Breslaw, people and vice president of culture in TELUS, summed it up beautifully when he said to me, "Let' s say you're always in the spotlight."

It's ridiculous how many times the interns are discussing their employers and company over time, not in the best conditions. I'm just saying, if you don't have anything good to say, save it. Gossip is counterproductive and can result in you being stuck in an area where

Capture the notebook. We use a smartphone. Put it on your hand. Whatever you do, don't put spaces in the names. I'm sure we'll all agree that when someone forgets your name, it will cause feelings ... say, "firing." It makes you feel unimportant. You certainly don't want your potential future colleagues or bosses to think that you see them as unimportant

Manage your shooter

You need to prepare for stressful situations. Stress is a natural consequence of new challenges. It may be motivation, keep you on your feet, but it can play against you, shaking the focus and your overall impression. Find a way to stay calm and remove stress factors. Go, drink, yoga, drink weird vegetarians (I've been living in Vancouver for too long), no creaking

The tiled and "ready to solve" problems will make your boss and staff feel that it will be easier for you to work with you. You will be emotional support, and they will come to you as new, more complex projects. They don't want anyone working with them on it

Don't make assumptions

Life 101: Do nothing. In the conversation with the recruiters, I discovered that many of the trainees felt that their work would be easy. Since this is an internship, some may think that the tasks they have tasks are not important or may be lower than they are. They're not

Let' s be realistic. Even if the task isn't important, give it 110%, because it's the only thing your boss will know about you for the first time -- you got this assignment. As soon as they find out, they might try to give you something more complicated

Harrison Alan "Buzz" Price was an economical economist who worked with Walt Disney in the creation of his theme parks and remained a consultant for many years. Price again and again said there was no talk, "No" to Walt, but you'd be much better off saying, "Yeah, if ..."

As an intern, you will be asked to do a lot of new things, some of which (perhaps most) you will learn at work. I saw that the interns froze, and even whispered a little bit, "Yes"? when they are presented with these types of new problems.  Although no one wants you to know how to do everything from the beginning, this type of reaction gives an immediate impression of unpreparedness (

Build your personal brand

As an intern, you're a question mark. You are an unknown factor in this large machine, which is the organization that hired you. This is a "empty state"-the time you decide how you want others to take you in the workplace and what staff you want to be

Mark Breslaw worked as Director of Human Resources TELUS for 5 years and has a very interesting interest in the importance of creating and sharing own brand in the workplace

According to Breslaw, as companies have "culture," you also have "culture". Think about your values, goals, ethics, and think about what this is about the desired line of work. Knowing who you are and who you want to be in your industry will help you determine whether this internship is appropriate for you

Interactions in a company with similar values can help you to become ideal for a full working time, or at least create a good impression, and reward you with experience

Do you know that none of the other interns want to do this? These cramped jobs, without which your boss might not live? Go out of your chair and get ' em. To go where others don't dare walk, take the initiative, and that you will be hungry. After you do this, your boss will not trust anyone to do this properly

-I don't know

If your main goal is to compete with other interns, miss them or leave them to the boss, let me tell you right now that energy is definitely better off your merits. In accordance with these tips and to perform the necessary actions, your supervisor will perform this work

Soon you will get other interns to help you with your new responsibilities, giving you a chance to help your colleagues move up. Moreover, the more time and effort you spend on what you do, the boss wants, and you need you to be around

It's not always easy, and it's always a little scary, but the sooner you get in there and kick your ass, the sooner you're gonna ask yourself how they get along without you

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